How can I Cancel, Freeze or Deactivate a ControlHub Card?

A. To deactivate a ControlHub Card:

  1. Go to the Pay tab / Cards subtab to view a list of all your ControlHub cards.
  2. Search for the Card you want to deactivate by using the Search bar, or by using the filters available.
  3. To deactivate the card:
    1. Click on the card in question and its details will populate on the screen.
    2. You can also click on the three dots to the right side of the card to find the 🚫Deactivate option.
  4. Click on Deactivate Card.

B. To deactivate a card of your own Request, you can also follow this alternative flow (besides the first option outlined above):1. Head over to the My Requests tab to view your previously submitted requests.2. You can use either List view or Kanban view by clicking on their icons on the top-right corner of the screen. Apply filters and/or use the search bar to narrow down the Requests results:

  1. In Kanban view, locate the Request under the Approved or Purchased columns.
  2. In List view, according to your search terms and filters, matching results will show on top of the list.
  3. Click on the Request in question to open the Request Details view.
  4. Look for the Payments section.
  5. Click on the Card Details.
  6. Click on the Deactivate Card button.
  7. Confirm to save changes.

C. If you are an Admin user and want to deactivate other users’ Request cards:

  1. Go to the Reports tab.
  2. Head over to the Company Requests subtab.
  3. Search for the request associated with the card you want to deactivate by using the Search bar or by scrolling down the list of requests.
  4. Select the request you want to update by clicking on it.
  5. In the Request Details view, look for the Payments section.
  6. Click on the Card Details.
  7. Click on the Deactivate Card button.
  8. Confirm to save changes.

We recommend manually deactivating cards only after completing all the purchase(s) they were created for, in the event that you need to prevent a user from completing said transaction, or if you suspect fraud or theft of the card's information. 

Please note that once a card is Deactivated, it CANNOT be reactivated again.

ℹ️ Only users with Admin permissions can deactivate other Users cards.

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