What's the difference between Free and Billable "Advanced Users"?

The main difference between a Free User and an Advanced User in ControlHub is the level of access and functionality they possess. Free users have limited capabilities and are primarily focused on individual tasks, while Advanced users, available only in paid plans, have broader permissions and are equipped with advanced features to handle company-wide tasks related to Approving, Purchasing, Receiving, Reporting and Management within ControlHub.

Free Users have assigned a Role (either Standard or Custom) that only includes Basic Permissions, and does not include any Advanced Permission or participation in any Approval Rule. ControlHub’s Basic Permissions include:

  • Create & submit requests
  • Generate POs for own requests
  • Generate Virtual Cards for own requests
  • Receive own purchases only

Advanced Users are either Approvers (they are part of at least one Approval Rule) and/or have assigned a Role (either Standard or Custom) that includes at least one Advanced Permission (marked with an asterisk), such as:

  • Generate POs for any user's requests.
  • Purchase without Requests.
  • Generate Virtual Cards for any user's requests.
  • Receive any users' purchases.
  • Create and edit bills (Invoices).
  • Pay Bills (Invoices).
  • Visualize their Team's activity and reports.
  • Edit company settings, add users, modify teams, etc.
  • Visualize all company activity and reports

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