How do I Receive items?

Starting the Receiving Process

There are multiple ways to start the receiving process in ControlHub:

  1. After Generating a new PO (created Manually or Automatically)
    1. Select the PO.
    2. Click on Receive.
  2. From the Pending Receiving Tab
    1. Go to the Receive tab / Pending Receiving subtab to view a list of items that haven’t been received yet.
    2. Use the search bar to find an item by Item Name, Item P/N, Vendor, PO, or Request name.
    3. Click on the item you want to receive, which will take you to the receiving process for all items of the PO related to the selected item.

Performing the Receiving Process

Once you have started the receiving process, follow these steps:

  1. Quantity: Indicate the amount of items received. This will determine whether the PO was received partially or in full.
  2. Quality: Confirm if the items received are in good condition. You will be asked, "Was everything 100% Satisfactory?"
    1. If yes, continue to the last step.
    2. If no, please add additional Quality Comments and continue to the last step.
  3. Additional Info: This step is entirely optional and can be used to add photos (we recommend attaching photos of the Packing Slip or photos of the items).
  4. Review all the information captured in the Summary screen and make any edits if necessary.
  5. Click on Done.
Tip: If the items were received on a previous date, you can select the date they were received by clicking on the 📅 Date field on the top right corner of this screen.
If an item does not already belong to a PO, it can still be received, and the system will automatically generate an Express PO for it. For more information on Express POs, please check our article How to Generate a Express PO.

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