How to edit the Team I am assigned to?

To edit your assigned Team:

  1. Head over to the profile icon on the top-right corner of the screen (if you have not uploaded a profile picture, the icon will show your initials).
  2. Click on Personal Settings.
  3. Select your team from the Team dropdown.

Additionally, a User with the permission Edit company settings, add users, modify teams, etc. (generally Admin roles), can change Team assignments from the Users subtab under Company Settings:

  1. Head over to your account Settings (top right gear icon ⚙️)
  2. Locate the Users subtab.

Locate the User you want to reassign Teams to, and choose the new Team from the dropdown list.

A User cannot be left unassigned or removed from a Team from their own Personal Settings, this can only be done by an Admin user from the Users subtab or the Teams subtab under Company Settings.

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