How to assign a Budget to a Team

You can assign a Budget to one or multiple Teams. Doing so, will allow users in that Team to instantly view and select that Budget when generating Requests. 

To assign a budget to a Team:

  1. Head over to the Manage tab / Budgets subtab.
  2. Apply filters and/or use the search bar to narrow down your results.
  3. Select your Budget to access the Budget Details view.
  4. Locate the Teams section and click on the field below. By default you will see "All Teams".
  5. A dropdown will be displayed. Select the team you want to assign your budget to.
  6. Simply by choosing a team, your changes will be saved. After this, you can exit the Budget Details view.

Please note that users from other teams will also be able to select Budgets not assigned to their Team when making Requests if they click on the ‘Viewing only my team categories” to toggle between their own team categories, or “View All Company’s Categories”, in the ‘Categories’ section of the Request creation process.

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