How do I create a Budget?

To create a budget, go to Manage tab / Budgets subtab, and click on the Add Budget button. You will see optiosn to add a Single budget, or create multiple budgets at once.

Make sure to give it a Name and assign it an Amount, as well as its Frequency (i.e. recurring on a monthly basis, or single one-time use). You can also assign it to a budget owner and to a specific or multiple vendors.

If you’d like for a Budget to be initially visible only to a specific team(s), you can assign it team(s). Please note that teams not assigned to a Budget will not automatically see it when creating new Requests, but can still use it if they elect to visualize all of the company’s Budgets. 

Depending on your company’s Approval Rules, new budgets might need to collect approvals before they become active.

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