How do I include credit memos or negative values to a Bill?

You can add negative line items to a Bill using the Split button found in the Categories section of the Bill Editor. You will find this option when Creating a new Bill, or when Editing an existing one:

  1. Head over to the Pay tab / Bills and Invoices subtab.
  2. You can view the Bills by either using a List view or Kanban view, by clicking on their icons on the top-right corner of the screen. 
  3. Apply filters and/or use the search bar to narrow down your results.
    1. If in Kanban view, locate the Bill/Invoice under the Pending Approval column.
    2. If in List view, according to your search and filters, matching results will show on top of the list.
  4. Click on the Bill you want to edit and open the Bill Details view.
  5. Click on the Edit ✏ button.
  6. In the Bill Editor view, head over to the bottom right of the Categories section, with a blue plus sign and click on it. 
Please note that the Bill will accept negative values inside the split, but the overall amount total of the Bill must be a positive value. We recommend that you edit the bill in question to add the Credit Memo.

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