Can I modify or remove the Quantity and Unit Cost Tolerance of a PO?

The goal of the PO Quantity and Unit Cost tolerances, is to only allow to items to POs within X% tolerance of what was originally approved. This serves as a basic cost control feature to prevent people from getting Requests approved for a given Quantity or Unit Cost, but then generate POs for much higher amounts than originally approved.

💡 Users with Admin permissions can bypass these tolerances when generating POs, and exceed the Unit Cost or Quantity tolerance.

The default tolerances for new companies is 10% for both Quantity, as well as Unit Cost. To modify these tolerances levels, please follow these steps:

  1. Head over to your account Settings (top right gear icon - ⚙️)
  2. Locate the Advanced Settings subtab.
  3. Scroll down to the Purchase Orders section of the screen, and locate the Unit Cost Tolerance Control and Quantity Tolerance Control fields. Enter the desired percentage, and click on Save.
The tolerance percentage has no limit, so it could range from 0 to 100% or even higher (1000% or more if needed, for instance).
Please note that only users with Admin permissions can edit these values in the Advanced Settings page.

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