What roles can I assign to a user within my ControlHub account?

ControlHub offers a set of standard predefined Standard Roles, but you can also create your own Custom Roles

Our Standard predefined Roles include:

Self-Buyer: Self-Buyers have the ability to create and submit their own purchase requests, generate Purchase Orders (POs) for their own requests, generate Virtual Cards for payments related to their own requests, and receive the purchases they have made. They have limited permissions focused on managing their individual purchasing needs.

Purchaser: Purchasers have an expanded set of permissions compared to Self-Buyers. They can generate Purchase Orders (POs) for requests made by any user, generate Virtual Cards for payments related to any user's requests, receive purchases made by any user, and also have the ability to create and edit bills (invoices) and make payments for them. Purchasers play a crucial role in managing procurement processes for the organization.

Team Viewer: In addition to the capabilities of a Self Buyer, this role has an additional permission to view activity and reports from other members from the same team that they belong to. Please note that, as this is a view-only permission, this role is not allowed to make changes on requests and purchase orders that are not their own.

Receiver: Receivers are responsible for receiving purchases made by any user within the organization. Their primary permission is to receive the items requested by others. They facilitate the physical and warehouse functions of receiving products, and verifying quantities, quality, and gathering supporting documentation.

Accountant: Our Accountant Role has a focus on all the financial and AP aspects of the purchasing process. Besides being able to generate requests and purchases for themselves, they can create and edit Bills (Vendor Invoices), and pay them. Accountants play a crucial role in managing financial transactions and record-keeping.

Admin: Admins have the highest level of access and control within ControlHub. They possess extensive permissions, including the ability to edit company settings, add users, modify teams, and perform administrative tasks. Admins also have the authority to visualize all company activity and reports, providing them with comprehensive insights into the organization's operations.

Please note that besides using our Standard Roles, you can also create Custom Roles.

To create a Custom Role:

  1. Settings gear icon ⚙️ on the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. Locate the Roles subtab.
  3. Click on the +Add New Role button.

You'll be prompted to a screen where you can select each permission manually as well as give a custom name to the role you are creating. Once you're done, save changes and you'll be able to assign it to any user from the Users subtab. Please check our How to assign roles to a ControlHub User? article for more information.

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