Is it possible to export a report on spend by supplier/vendor from Control Hub?

Yes, ControlHub provides reporting tools for your company’s purchasing activity. To find a report by Vendor:

  1. Go to the Reports tab.
  2. Head over to the Company Requests subtab.
  3. Use the search bar to narrow down the results to the specific vendor you’re seeking, and apply any other filters such as date ranges, request status and request owners, if needed.
  4. Click the Export All ⬇ button

Please note that to access the “Company Requests” report, your user will need the permission "Visualize all company activity and reports”. If you don't have this permission, reach out to a teammate within your company who has Admin permissions to grant you access.

As a regular user, you can also generate reports based on your individual purchasing activity. On the My Requests tab, you'll find the Export All ⬇ button located at the top right. By utilizing the search function within ControlHub, you can pre-apply a vendor filter to download a report specifically tailored to that vendor's activity.

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