Why is my Card transaction being declined?

As you make purchases with ControlHub Cards, you may come across declined transactions, which also trigger Email and Slack notifications. Declination reasons could include::

  1. Transaction amount exceeds remaining limit on card:
  • Check your card's remaining limit to ensure it covers the transaction amount.
  • Consider reducing the transaction amount if possible.
  • If the transaction must be processed over the card's limit, edit the Request to modify the card’s limit, or submit a new request for a new card with a higher limit.
  1. Merchant is different from the authorized Vendor for this card:
  • If your Request was originally created for a single vendor, the digital card associated to it can only be used by the same Merchant. If your Vendor uses different Merchants and you trust the Vendor, you can remove the Card’s “Vendor Control” by viewing the card details. 
  1. Card has been deactivated:
  • Card’s are automatically deactivated when they reach their Expiration Date or their Valid Thru date (whatever date happens sooner).
  • Cards can also be manually Deactivated manually by the person who requested them or a Company Admin.
  • Please note that once a card is Deactivated, it cannot be Reactivated again.
  1. Other Decline Reason:
  • Please contact us to help you identify the reason and a solution to other transaction declination scenarios.

To learn how to check your card details, please check our article: How to view my ControlHub Card Details.

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