How do I connect ControlHub to QuickBooks Online?

To connect your ControlHub account to Quickbooks Online, please contact ControlHub's support to enable the integration feature. Once you have received confirmation that the feature is enabled on your account, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to Quickbooks Online in your browser.
  2. Open ControlHub in a new tab in the same browser, and head over to your Company Settings (top right gear icon ⚙️).
  3. On the General Settings tab:
    1. Go to the Connect section.
    2. Select "Quickbooks" from the Select ERP dropdown.
    3. Click on the Connect button only once (❗do not click it twice to prevent sync issues).

Once you perform these steps, please contact us to verify if the QuickBooks Online connection was successful.

Please note this process should be performed by a user who has an Admin role in both QuickBooks and ControlHub.

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