How to Generate an Express PO

Express POs are useful when you need to receive an item that has been purchased without a PO. In short, when executing the Receiving process for items without POs, ControlHub will automatically generate a PO for the received items. To perform this process:

  1. Go to the Receive tab/Pending Receiving subtab.
  2. Search the Item you want to receive (by PO, Vendor, Item or Requester) in the search bar, or scroll down the list of items pending receiving.
  3. If the item selected is not associated with a PO, by clicking on it, you will be prompted with the Generate Express PO popup screen.
  4. Select the Items you want to receive and click on Continue to Receiving.
  5. The PO will be generated automatically in the background, and you can just proceed to perform the standard Receiving process.

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