Does ControlHub support 3-way match?

Yes, we support 3-Way Match. With this feature, users can perform an additional validation step in the invoice processing workflow.

The 3-way match features validates the following:

✅ PO. Was there a PO issued for this purchase? Please note that in ControlHub, only approved request items can have PO, so if an invoice has a PO, you can rest assured it was previously approved 👍

✅ Receiving. Were the products or services received in full and satisfactory conditions?

✅Invoice Amount. Is the invoice amount (or cumulative amount if multiple invoices were issued for the same PO) within the Invoice tolerance set by your company?

By supporting both 2-way and 3-way match functionalities, ControlHub offers your organization robust tools to streamline financial processes, minimize errors, and ensure compliance with procurement and payment policies.

To enable 2-Way Match as your default match type, please check our article on how to switch between 2-Way and 3-Way Matches.

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