Can I add documents, links or comments to POs?

It is possible to add documents, links and/or comments to your PO.

You can add a specific document, link or comment to a PO when creating a new PO, or when editing it:

  1. Open the the PO Generator (when creating a new PO, or editing an existing one).
  2. Scroll down to find the following options on the left side of the screen:
  • πŸ“ Memo to Vendor field: useful to add comments, links to cloud documents πŸ“„, and short text.
  • πŸ“Ž Attachments: PDFπŸ“„ or Images πŸ“·(JPG, PNG) as supporting documents to POs.

For recurring documents πŸ“„, you can host them in a Cloud Document ☁️service (i.e. Dropbox, PointShare, Gdrive, etc) and inlcude the link(s) in your default PO footer so it automatically populates on all future POs.

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