How to Duplicate a Bill

To duplicate a Bill:
  1. Head over to the Pay tab.
  2. Locate the Bills & Invoices subtab.
  3. You can visualize all Bills either using List view or Kanban view, by clicking on their respective buttons on the top right side of the screen. Use filters and the search bar to narrow down your request(s):
    1. If in Kanban view, search for your Bill: under any of the columns or by using the search bar.
    2. If in List view, according to your search terms and filters, matching results will show on top of the list.
  4. Click on the Bill you wish to duplicate, to view the Bill Details screen.
    1. Click on Duplicate, or the +More Actions button followed by Duplicate (depends on how many options you have available).
    2. Confirm by clicking Duplicate.
  5. Alternatively, from the Bills & Invoices tab, you can click on the three dots next to every bill to get a contextual menu, in which you will find Duplicate among the available options.

Please note that a bill can be duplicated in any status (Under Construction, Approved, Paid, etc.).

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